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50Blue/Snöball Partnership Agreed

Start the snowball effect and gain momentum on your event marketing activity with 50Blue and Snöball.

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between ourselves and event marketing platform Snöball to help introduce the influencer platform to our clients in the UK.

Snöball is a community marketing & audience growth platform that mobilises an event’s existing audience into becoming influential advocates to drive audience acquisition, retention, and engagement. Using peer-to-peer influence will increase your content reach, grow your network, and amplify your event, without amplifying your budget. Every member of your community has influence – Snöball lets you tap into that influence, using your content and your audience to build awareness and generate new leads.

Upon discovering Snöball, Rich Harper, 50Blue Marketing Director, says, “from the beginning, it was clear to see there was a synergy between the two brands. As an agency, we are always looking for innovative new ways to help our clients achieve their marketing goals, grow their audience and amplify their reach; Snöball ticks those boxes”. With the world recovering from the Covid pandemic, 50Blue began looking at ways they could maximise their clients’ marketing activity, and after chatting with the team at Snöball, it became apparent that there was a win-win-win partnership in the making. “There’s clearly a market for Snöball, so by working together we can support marketeers to achieve their goals and streamline their marketing”.

“We are looking forward to working with the 50Blue team. Snöball is a powerful tool for agencies looking to diversify their offers and improve client results. 50blue got it from the get-go and saw the potential and many use cases of how Snöball can improve audience growth.” says Rachel Stephan, Founder and CEO of Snöball.

As well as helping event organisers maximize their event attendance, Snöball can also be used to help drive brand awareness by repurposing content and amplifying it through your target audience and internal teams. 50Blue will work with you to devise a strategy that focuses on the outcome first and then position the right channels and activities to enable you to reach your objectives.

The Snöball/50Blue partnership is an exciting proposition. Equipped with Snöball’s powerful technology, 50Blue will be an essential extension for your team. Together the two will provide unparalleled digital marketing and strategy planning, ensuring your promotions are both effective and return successful results.

There are many developments on the horizon for 50Blue, who are now a part of the integrated communications collective, Asembl Group. The group brings together the very best in events, marketing, creative design, and logistics to create a collection of specialist businesses under one umbrella.

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