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In2Events Content Marketing Strategy

The Brief

In2Events like many other event agencies found themselves in an unprecedented situation at the start of 2020 when COVID hit. Events were being cancelled and the industry was retracting, In2Events needed someway of surviving.

The Solution

Pre-covid In2Events had just enjoyed their best year to date and were looking forward to growing again in 2020. In2Events core business was in live events, organising around 300 events of differing sizes year on year. Suddenly they were faced with the forced prospect that events could no longer take place due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. With live events on hold the team at In2Events quickly pivoted their service offering to virtual events, but so did almost every other event agency.

With the majority of website traffic being driven by PPC in the past and with budgets now being completely cut, we had to think how we would cut through the noise and make In2Events stand out against the competition. Our focus turned to a content-led strategy, making use of In2Events existing social channels and driving organic reach across search engines.


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Stacey Close

We created a host of thought-leadership content linked to a dedicated landing page, leveraging their existing social channels to build an organic, high-converting campaign that focussed on the benefits of virtual events and creating a level of trust with their audience that positioned In2Events as the experts in the new service offering. This was particularly important as virtual events although not a new concept, was now a solution that had huge demand but that the majority of clients and prospects had little knowledge of.

The result of the campaign was a 200% increase in organic traffic and the onboarding of 5 new clients, including Adobe, and Miniclip as well as supporting existing clients on their marketing challenges. We are now looking forward to working with In2Events further in realigning the whole agency post-Covid for the new world.


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